Holistic Health Services


Name: Cultivate Your Own Wellness

Service: Sexual Health Counselling

Description: My primary is the Melanated Community and whomever else would like to experience the work.


I’m a womb wellness mentor and birth companion. I help women to connect with and heal their wombs naturally so they can feel empowered to align their mind body & soul heal health conditions and get pregnant.


My services include Soul Therapy Traditional Mexican Postpartum Medicine Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Nutrition, Herbal & Vitamin recommendations Reflexology, Massage, Cranial Sacral & Energy Work Pre and post natal Relaxation classes to help you get familiar and comfortable with your body's changes.

Website: cultivateyourown.com

Address: Toronto, Ontario | Montreal,Quebec | Video Conference Calls, Given upon payment of service

E-mail: info@cultivateyourown.com

Phone: 1.800.307.0156

Accessibility: Presently not accessible

Services offered in: English & French

Identities: Melanated Community/ Afro Canadian


Name: Aurélie de Schoutheete Osteopath and Holistic Pelvic Care practioner / Osteonatal private practice

Service: Osteopath & Pelvic Care Practitioner

Description: I work on scar tissues, fasciae, muscles, mechanics and energetic patterns of the pelvis to help women with problems regarding women's health: fertility, pain, cycle, scar tissue after birth and emotional trauma locked in the tissues.

Website: osteonatal.com

Address: Avenue Winston Churchill 182/11 1180 Brussels

Phone: +3 247 246 9262

Accessibility: wheel chair accessible

Services offered in: French English Spanish

Identities: not disclosed

Pelvic Physiotherapy


Name: Dockside Physiotherapy

Description: Treatment and prevention of pain/discomfort with sexual activity. As Pelvic Physiotherapists we serve people of all gender identities and sexual preferences.

Website: docksidephysio.com

Address: 103-399 Tyee Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

E-mail: cathy@docksidephysio.com

Phone: 250 590 5840

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, gender neutral washroom

Services offered in: English

Identities: not disclosed


Name: Alison Pethrick

Description: Pelvic Health/Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Website: pelvichealthspot.com

Address: Winnipeg, Manitoba

E-mail: alison@pelvichealthspot.com

Phone: 250 590 5840

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including washroom

Services offered in: English

Identities: Queer, Korean, Woman


Name: The Mama's Physio

Description: Pelvic Health Physiotherapy for Women in London Ontario - including prenatal, post-natal, peri-menopausal health.

Website: themamasphysio.com

Address: 784 Richmond Street, London, ON, N6A 3H5

E-mail: info@themamasphysio.com

Phone: 226 377 3933

Accessibility: Offices located on a 2nd floor with no elevator access. Please contact us to make alternate arrangements for a visit.

Services offered in: English, French, Polish, Hindi

Identities: not disclosed

Therapy, counselling, coaching

Name: Vania Sukola, RP

Service: Registered Psychotherapist

Description: I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and my focus is on postpartum mental health, including how to adjust to the transition of becoming a parent, birth trauma, sexual trauma and it’s impact on being a parent, and postpartum mood concerns. A specific part of my work is supporting new mothers, couples and parents with creating a wellness toolkit that helps them love their postpartum bodies, connect with their sexual selves, and becoming resilient.

Website: vaniasukola.ca

Address: Junction, Toronto (home visits available)

E-mail: info@vaniasukola.ca

Accessibility: office not wheelchair accessible (home visits available)

Services offered in: English (can work with translaters)

Identities: not disclosed


Name: Tynan Rhea

Service: Sexual Health Counselling

Description: a personalized approach to sexual wellness so you can feel inspired to cultivate the kind of sex you want. I specialize in working with women, men, parents, pregnant folks, 2SLGBTQIA+ including nonbinary and trans folks, kinky, polyamorous, single parents, and sex workers. 

Website: tynanrhea.com

Address: Toronto, ON (east end)

E-mail: TynanRhea@gmail.com

Accessibility: In-person not wheelchair accessible, online services available and home visists in areas of the east end of Toronto

Services offered in: English

Identities: Queer, nonbinary, white settler, German and Slovakian ancestry 


Name: Awoken Beauty

Service: Erotic Expert & Health Coach

Description: I focus on self intimacy and erotic self awakening I work with all communities.

Website: awokenbeauty.com

Address: Worldwide

E-mail: Kelly@awokenbeauty.com

Accessibility: Online service

Services offered in: English & Spanish

Identities: not disclosed


Name: Wild Flower Woman

Service: Coach

Description: I coach people who want to reclaim their sexual sovereignty after having a baby. I serve all people who identify as parents and are wanting to develop a positive body image, I use sex-positive inclusive language and serve LGBTQ, all genders and family compositions. I'm an apprentice midwife, doula, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, yoga teacher, student of tantra and women's blood mysteries and all of this informs my work coaching women. I offer a 12 week coaching program, an online course (coming soon) as well as in-person workshops and classes in the SF Bay area.

Website: ashleyshakti.com

Address: International

E-mail: ashleyshantishea@gmail.com

Accessibility: N/A

Services offered in: English

Identities: Queer, cis-female

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